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Why Unilever, Peloton and Kohl’s are attracting the ire of powerful investors.

The companies are under pressure by activist investors seeking a greater return on their investments.  » mehr lesen

City Ballet Promotes Seven Dancers as Performances Resume

A crew of corps de ballet members, six women and one man, head into the delayed winter season with a new rank: soloist.  » mehr lesen

Unilever, Peloton and Kohl’s Become Targets of Activist Investors

The companies are under pressure by activist investors seeking a greater return on their investments.  » mehr lesen

Rich Countries Lure Health Workers From Low-Income Nations to Fight Shortages

Huge pay incentives and immigration fast-tracks are leading many to leave countries whose health systems urgently need their expertise.  » mehr lesen

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Chinese Police Hunt Overseas Critics With Advanced Tech

Authorities in China have turned to sophisticated investigative software to track and silence obscure critics on overseas social media. Their targets include college students and non-Chinese nationals.  » mehr lesen

The Elizabeth Holmes Trial Meanders to a Finish

Other high-profile trials around the country have started and ended while Ms. Holmes’s case has stretched for four months into the new year.  » mehr lesen

Business Leaders Struggle With Endless Upheaval

C.E.O.s are trained to “shoot, move and communicate.” But the pandemic has called on them to rewrite the leadership playbook.  » mehr lesen

Can a Sustainable Mining Experiment in New Caledonia Power Tesla’s Ambitions?

Nickel is vital to electric car batteries, but extracting it is dirty and destructive. A plant with a turbulent history in New Caledonia is about to become an experiment in doing it...

Karen Ferguson, Fighter for Pension Rights, Dies at 80

She started as one of Ralph Nader’s “Nader Raiders” and, after developing an expertise in retirement systems, became a leading advocate for workers’ rights.  » mehr lesen

We tasted all the TikTok recipes of 2021 and ranked them so you don’t have to

Which viral food trends are worth making again, and which ones should be forgotten about? Kate Ng ranks TikTok’s biggest 2021 food hits from best to worst  » mehr lesen

Deaths in 2021: Headline Names Against the Backdrop of Pandemic

Aaron, Sondheim, Dole and Didion. But the loss of Colin Powell from the virus spoke most directly to the moment the world is in.  » mehr lesen

Are Apple AirTags Being Used to Track People and Steal Cars?

Privacy groups sounded alarms about the coin-sized location-tracking devices when they were introduced. Now people are concerned those fears are being realized.  » mehr lesen

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