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Chris Cuomo Is Suspended by CNN After Details of Help He Gave Andrew

The cable news network’s top-rated anchor was an intimate adviser to Andrew Cuomo in the last 18 months of his governorship.  » mehr lesen

China’s Silence on Peng Shuai Shows Limits of Beijing’s Propaganda

Officials have struggled to respond to a sexual assault allegation that hits at the heights of its buttoned-up political system.  » mehr lesen

Prosecutors Push Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos to Take Responsibility

Under cross-examination, the founder of the failed blood testing start-up defended herself but admitted that she had made mistakes.  » mehr lesen

S.B.A. Gave $3.7 Billion in Improper Relief Payments, Auditor Finds

The Small Business Administration skipped a basic fraud check and sent billions to recipients barred from receiving federal funds, the agency’s inspector general reported.  » mehr lesen

Janet Yellen Still Supports Making Banks Give the I.R.S. New Customer Data

“I think it’s important that the I.R.S. have visibility into opaque income streams,” the Treasury secretary said.  » mehr lesen

Twitter Will Take Down Pictures of People Posted Without Their Permission

The company said the policy was consistent with privacy laws in the European Union and elsewhere.  » mehr lesen

Head of Meta’s Crypto Efforts, David Marcus, Is Leaving the Company

David Marcus had most recently spearheaded Meta’s push into a global digital currency.  » mehr lesen

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Departure Hints at Big Tech’s Restlessness

Jack Dorsey, who is stepping down after six years as Twitter’s chief executive, is one of the tech leaders who seem to have grown tired of managing their empires.  » mehr lesen

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