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How Do You Personalize Your Cubicle? We Want to See It.

Once ridiculed as a symbol of homogeneity and ennui, the work space is popular again as employees seek privacy and quiet in the office. How have you decorated your cubicle? Share your...

What to Watch at the Federal Reserve’s July Meeting

The Federal Reserve is poised to raise interest rates after pausing in June. What comes next is crucial, but don’t expect clear commitments.  » mehr lesen

Hollywood Strike Leaves Influencers Sidelined and Confused

Despite not being in the actors’ union, many content creators are passing up deals to promote films or TV shows because they don’t want to be barred from the guild or face...

Monsoon’s Fury Sours Romance of Wet Season Travel in India

Long considered a life-giving panacea, India’s rainy season has become more violent and unpredictable. It is upsetting many rhythms of life, among them, leisure travel.  » mehr lesen

Senate Targets China, Voting to Restrict Farmland Purchases and U.S. Investment

Senators voted overwhelmingly to block Chinese businesses from buying farmland and mandate that American investment in the country’s national security industries be tracked.  » mehr lesen

In Remote Work Era, Hotel Operators Make a Bet on Longer Stays

Extended-stay hotels, which are cheaper to build and operate than their full-service counterparts, are also appealing to work crews on road, green energy and other infrastructure projects.  » mehr lesen

PacWest Bank, Thrashed by Deposit Crisis, Will Be Taken Over

Banc of California is set to absorb PacWest, a larger lender that has seen its depositors flee this year.  » mehr lesen

Microsoft Revenue Up 8% to $56.2 Billion in Latest Quarter

The company’s profit topped $20 billion as it pointed to strong interest in its artificial intelligence products.  » mehr lesen

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