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Businesses Are Bracing for the Political and Social Fight Post-Roe

Reeling from competing demands from stakeholders — including activists, clients, consumers, shareholders and elected officials — businesses are increasingly caught in the middle of the country’s bruising culture wars.  » mehr lesen

How Elon Musk and Tesla Helped Make C.E.O Pay Even Richer

The gap with workers widened even further as public companies granted top executives rich pay packages partly inspired by Tesla.  » mehr lesen

Hacking High Gas Prices: How People Are Changing Their Habits

From changing their work hours to driving farther in search of cheaper deals, people have been making crafty calculations to grapple with expensive gasoline.  » mehr lesen

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Congress, Far From ‘a Series of Tubes,’ Is Still Nowhere Near Reining In Tech

Holding a hearing that humbles the most powerful business executives in the world is much easier than legislating.  » mehr lesen

UK’s first vegan butcher launches £79 Christmas dinner

It includes vegan pigs in blankets and ‘baycon’-topped Brussel sprouts  » mehr lesen

You’re Going to Work a Long Time. Here’s How to Build In Breaks.

Living longer can mean having a longer career, whether by choice or necessity. Stopping and starting isn’t easy, but it might be worth it.  » mehr lesen

Jeff Bezos Is Getting Astronaut Wings. But Soon, the F.A.A. Won’t Award Them.

Starting in January, space tourists will not receive a participation trophy for flying to space. But everyone will be on the honor roll.  » mehr lesen

The Game Awards Returns With Glitz and an Industry Asserting Its Muscle

On Thursday night, the video game industry held its big awards event, which is quickly becoming as important — and as long — as certain other entertainment occasions.  » mehr lesen

GM’s EV Efforts Reportedly Include a Bigger Michigan Presence

The company will make electric pickups at an existing plant and batteries at a factory built with a partner, a person with knowledge of the plan said.  » mehr lesen

U.S. and Others Pledge Export Controls Tied to Human Rights

A partnership with Australia, Denmark, Norway, Canada, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom aims to stem the flow of key technologies to authoritarian governments.  » mehr lesen

November 2021 CPI: Inflation Rose at Fastest Pace Since 1982

The Consumer Price Index is rising sharply, a concern for Washington policymakers and a sign of the rising costs facing American households.  » mehr lesen

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