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Businesses Are Bracing for the Political and Social Fight Post-Roe

Reeling from competing demands from stakeholders — including activists, clients, consumers, shareholders and elected officials — businesses are increasingly caught in the middle of the country’s bruising culture wars.  » mehr lesen

How Elon Musk and Tesla Helped Make C.E.O Pay Even Richer

The gap with workers widened even further as public companies granted top executives rich pay packages partly inspired by Tesla.  » mehr lesen

Hacking High Gas Prices: How People Are Changing Their Habits

From changing their work hours to driving farther in search of cheaper deals, people have been making crafty calculations to grapple with expensive gasoline.  » mehr lesen

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After the Gun Ruling

Plus, Intel pressures Congress to provide funding for U.S. chip production.  » mehr lesen

How to Start Investing in a Bear Market

The immediate outlook is grim, but low-cost funds that track the entire market can help you prosper over the long term, our columnist says.  » mehr lesen

What Is A Recession and When Is the Next One Going to Begin?

Recessions since World War II have lasted just over 10 months each, on average. The last one, which began in 2020, lasted just two months.  » mehr lesen

In Russia’s War on Ukraine, China and India Emerge as Financiers

Their purchases of Russian crude are undermining the West’s efforts to isolate the Kremlin and upending the global oil markets.  » mehr lesen

Fed Confronts a ‘New World’ of Inflation

Central banks had a longstanding playbook for how inflation worked. In the postpandemic era, all bets are off.  » mehr lesen

Coca-Cola responds to rumours Coke Zero is being discontinued

Fast-fashion brand sparks speculation on social media  » mehr lesen

Citadel Says It Will Move Offices to Miami Because of Crime in Chicago

The hedge fund made the announcement after simmering tensions between its founder and the Illinois governor.  » mehr lesen

Fed Stress Tests Show Banks Can Withstand Severe Recession

The annual tests hold new significance as inflation persists and signs of a coming downturn continue to accumulate.  » mehr lesen

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