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Why Unilever, Peloton and Kohl’s are attracting the ire of powerful investors.

The companies are under pressure by activist investors seeking a greater return on their investments.  » mehr lesen

City Ballet Promotes Seven Dancers as Performances Resume

A crew of corps de ballet members, six women and one man, head into the delayed winter season with a new rank: soloist.  » mehr lesen

Unilever, Peloton and Kohl’s Become Targets of Activist Investors

The companies are under pressure by activist investors seeking a greater return on their investments.  » mehr lesen

Rich Countries Lure Health Workers From Low-Income Nations to Fight Shortages

Huge pay incentives and immigration fast-tracks are leading many to leave countries whose health systems urgently need their expertise.  » mehr lesen

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Help your child move from fears over climate change to constructive hope

Scientists tell us that we have entered a period of climate chaos as greenhouse gases raise global temperatures and destabilize atmospheric systems that have maintained Earth as a habitable planet. Uncertainty about...

‘Miserable and Dangerous’: A Failed Chinese Promise in Serbia

Poor conditions for Vietnamese workers building a $900 million tire factory underscore a chasm between the promise of investment from China and grim realities on the ground.  » mehr lesen

Passenger Exposed Buttocks and Threw a Can During Flight, Prosecutors Say

Shane McInerney, 29, was charged after his disruptive behavior aboard a flight from Dublin to John F. Kennedy International Airport on Jan. 7.  » mehr lesen

Kohl’s Receives $9 Billion Offer Backed by Activist Investor

The offer comes as the retailer, like other brick-and-mortar stores, struggles with supply chain problems and competition from online sites.  » mehr lesen

Rapid Inflation Fuels Debate Over What’s to Blame: Pandemic or Policy

The White House is emphasizing that inflation is worldwide. Economists say that’s true — but stimulus-spurred consumer buying is also to blame.  » mehr lesen

Harvey G. Stack, Leading Dealer in Rare Coins, Dies at 93

At the New York firm his father and uncle started in 1933, he was said to have personally conducted more auction sales than anyone else in the industry.  » mehr lesen

What Happened (and Didn’t) When Davos Disappeared

For the second year in a row, the World Economic Forum’s annual in-person meeting was delayed because of the pandemic. Did anyone miss it?  » mehr lesen

The Pandemic Changed Everything About Work, Except the Humble Résumé

Résumés may be more for robots than human eyes at first, but most job seekers are still advised to distill their work history in one typewritten page.  » mehr lesen

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