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At a Club Med Ski Resort, Learning to Love the Apéro

Will the company’s all-inclusive approach work in the North American market? An avid skier puts the company’s resort at Québec’s Massif de Charlevoix to the test.  » mehr lesen

Why Christmas Trees Could Cost More This Year

Inflation and tight supplies are the big reasons. Still, there are some things you can do to keep the price down and still have a natural tree.  » mehr lesen

Ukraine’s Allies Agree on Russian Oil Price Cap

The plan to impose a top price of $60 a barrel on Russian crude will most likely make a small dent in the Kremlin’s revenue, but the White House hopes it will...

Twitter Keeps Missing Its Advertising Targets as Woes Mount

Under Elon Musk, the company has cut its financial expectations as some advertisers request discounts and are offered incentives.  » mehr lesen

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Latinas Have Struggled to Build Savings, but a Younger Cohort Is Making Gains

As one of the longest-living yet lowest-earning groups in America, Hispanic women have challenges ensuring that their later years are secure. But things are changing.  » mehr lesen

Actively Managed Mutual Funds Consistently Fail to Beat Markets, Study Finds

No actively managed stock or bond funds outperformed the market convincingly and regularly over the last five years. Index funds have generally been better.  » mehr lesen

Florida May End Tax Fight With Disney, Thanks to Bob Iger

Florida lawmakers are reportedly working to resolve their political fight with Disney, just days after Mr. Iger returned as the entertainment giant’s chief executive.  » mehr lesen

How China’s Police Used Phones and Faces to Track Protesters

After a weekend of protests, the authorities in China are using the country’s all-seeing surveillance apparatus to find those bold enough to defy them.  » mehr lesen

Kanye West Is Suspended From Twitter After Posting a Swastika

The tweet was deleted before the rapper’s account was shut down. Twitter’s chief executive, Elon Musk, said the post violated a rule against inciting violence.  » mehr lesen

Kanye West’s Deal to Buy Parler Unravels

The parent company of Parler, a social media service popular with right-wing audiences, said it had “mutually agreed with Ye” to end the deal.  » mehr lesen

With Senate Vote, Congress Moves to Avert Rail Strike

Bipartisan coalitions in the House and Senate pushed through a bill that would impose an agreement between rail companies and their workers.  » mehr lesen

State Tax Cut Policies Prop Up Income, Fanning Inflation Worries

Efforts around the country to ease the pain of rising prices have given consumers more money to spend, which could paradoxically further drive up prices.  » mehr lesen

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