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Eurozone inflation hits a record high of 4.9 percent.

Driven by soaring energy costs, the annual rate for November was the highest since 1997.  » mehr lesen

‘Our Money Has No Value’: Frustration Rises in Turkey at Lira Crisis

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s insistence on directing monetary policy and sticking with low interest rates is draining confidence, economists say.  » mehr lesen

Movie Attendance Is Still Down. Some People May Never Return.

Nearly half of the prepandemic audience hasn’t returned, research shows, and 8 percent may be gone forever.  » mehr lesen

Investors Snap Up Metaverse Real Estate in a Virtual Land Boom

Transactions for properties in digital realms are jumping, guided by the same principle in the physical world: location, location, location.  » mehr lesen

Chris Cuomo Played Outsize Role in Andrew Cuomo’s Defense

Chris Cuomo, the CNN host, participated in strategy discussions and shared a tip on at least one woman who had accused his brother, Andrew Cuomo, of sexual harassment.  » mehr lesen

Omicron Increases Inflation Uncertainty, Fed Chair Will Tell Lawmakers

Jerome H. Powell, who will appear before the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday, also plans to tell lawmakers that price gains could last well into 2022, according to prepared remarks.  » mehr lesen

Amazon Union Vote in Alabama Is Overturned by Regional Labor Office

Amazon said in August that it intended to appeal to the national labor board if it did not prevail at the regional level, but it did not say Monday whether it would...

Elizabeth Holmes Says Former Boyfriend Abused Her

Ms. Holmes, the founder of the failed blood testing start-up Theranos, blamed Ramesh Balwani, the former No. 2 at the company.  » mehr lesen

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