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How This Economic Moment Rewrites the Rules

Jobs aplenty. Sizzling demand. If the United States is headed into a recession, it is taking an unusual route, with many markers of a boom.  » mehr lesen

Don’t Expect Alex Jones’s Comeuppance to Stop Lies

His success has inspired a new generation of conspiracy theorists, who have learned how to stay away from legal trouble.  » mehr lesen

How a New Corporate Minimum Tax Could Reshape Business Investments

With a new corporate minimum tax, Democrats would be adding complexity to an already byzantine tax system.  » mehr lesen

Graywolf Press’s New Publisher is Looking for Talent in New Places

Carmen Giménez, Graywolf’s new executive director, wants to search for writers where ever “people are talking or thinking, or being creative or having a voice.”  » mehr lesen

The Companies That Take Money Straight From Your Paycheck

Some lenders and retailers have a pretty neat business model: You pay them before your wages ever hit your bank account. And sometimes they give you no choice.  » mehr lesen

California Regulator Accuses Tesla of Falsely Advertising Autopilot

A state agency said the electric carmaker had misled the public in describing its driver-assistance service as autonomous.  » mehr lesen

‘Head of Team Anywhere,’ and Other Job Titles for an Uncertain Time

Hyper-specific and unconventional roles are opening up to match a professional landscape no one has seen before.  » mehr lesen

5 Takeaways From the Bank of England’s Meeting

The central bank raised rates for the sixth straight meeting and said a long U.K. economic downturn is possible.  » mehr lesen

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